Lockout Services

Lockout Services

Being locked out can be stressful but with our professional mobile locksmith on hand we can ensure we will get you back inside your home swiftly and safely. 

24-hour lockout services, At the Italian Job Locksmiths it is our job to get you in to your Home, Office or Car at any hour using the best method possible using our expertise, our team have the tools for any situation.

What to do in a lockout situation

It is always imperative to stay calm, picking up a brick and smashing a window is not always the best solution as this will only be costly to repair, this will also attract unwanted attention with most people believing you are a possible thief. The Italian Job Locksmiths team will always respond swiftly and gain access without resorting to causing damage to your property.

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How To Avoid Getting Locked Out

  • The Pocket check before exiting the door.
  • A hidden lockbox is a more secure option than hiding a key outside your home. Burglaries often happen without a forced entry as hidden keys can be easily found.
  • Having duplicate keys cut and leaving a key with a trustworthy neighbour, friend or family member.
  • Smart locks with code or phone app capabilities which is the best possible option.